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Rabbi Slatkin has produced a FULL video training on the "No Shame, No Blame" technique he uses to fix marriages and communication problems.

"We are only at the beginning of our journey towards a restored and happier marriage but we are on the way thank to the work you and your wife are doing. We watched the video on a time of great pain and yet it helped us to rescue our relationship. It was incredibly simple but equally effective, thank you for helping us to strive towards a more mature and healthy marriage." -Y.P
Communication works best when there is NO BLAME & NO SHAME. Copy how we communicate that way in this unique video presentation.

From: Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, M.S., LCPC

Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Marriage Counselor with over a decade of experience in helping to save couples and marriages around the world with a 90% success rate in keeping couples together and happy!
We all could use a little help with our marriages. Depending on what your past relationship history is, you bring baggage to the table. And so does your spouse. It's the clash of those two worlds that makes marriage difficult.
There's something your marriage is trying to tell you.
If only I had paid attention to what my marriage conflict was trying to tell me over 17 years ago.

Instead, my wife Rivka and I wasted a lot of time, money, heartache, and effort, fighting over the big and small things- sometimes the same fight resurfacing in different ugly ways- over and over again throughout the course of our marriage.

My marriage was trying to tell me something and I didn't listen at first which was a big waste.
Safe Communication is Key.
In order to be able to withstand all of the challenges that life throws at us, we need to be able to know how to communicate safely with our spouse.

You need to know how to communicate in a way that doesn't threaten, shame, criticize, or blame our partner. Because that only makes this worse and definitely doesn't get you anywhere.

The following video will show you exactly how I use the Intentional Dialogue "No Shame, No Blame" process with my wife Rivka so that you can use it in your own marriage to be able to withstand all of life's stressors.
Seeing is Believing!
"These videos are produced by a very caring and compassionate team genuinely invested in your/ my marriage success! They offer reproducible well illustrated tips for how to start improving partnerships immediately."

"Grateful Customer"

I have spent thousands of dollars over the course of a forty-three-year-old, uncommonly painful marriage. Rabbi Shlomo and Rivka synthesize the relationship theories into easy-to-understand steps. Furthermore, I truly feel their desire to make marriage work. The words now rest on my heart!
"This short video can really help you and your spouse, and your overall marriage! These are very important skills and tools that are hard to fully understand and integrate unless you see it and hear it. Rabbi Shlomo and Rivka Slatkin of course make it look a lot easier than it will be, but thank you for putting this out. They are calm and straightforward, and easy to understand. I love the ending: "wishing you much success in your journey together!" That's exactly what marriage is, and I am glad I watched this to gain/review the tools needed to having a loving relationship."

"Happy Business Owner"

Watching this video is much easier than only trying to understand from reading a book. I've studied these techniques in the past and I wish I would have been able to use the Slatkin's video 10 years ago! Seeing the examples of how to speak to a spouse with the steps written on the screen makes these important communication strategies easier to understand and implement. The common situations/problems they discuss are easy to relate to, so everyone can change the painful patterns in marriage. It's worth it to watch again every few months just to brush up. It'd be a meaningful gift for every newlywed!
I Wish I Saw This Video 10 Years Ago
  • Practical Steps - Super practical steps to be able to start communicating safely as soon as you watch
  • Relationship Enhancer - Worth every minute of your time to enhance your relationship
  • Conflict Crusher - This marriage video walks you through how to get through relationship conflicts and resolve them
  • Easy to Follow - Reproducible well illustrated tips for how to start improving partnerships immediately.
  • Relatable -ย  Common situations/problems addressed in the video are easy to relate to, so everyone can change the painful patterns in marriage
  • Copy the No Blame, No Shame Communication Technique that we use on our own marriage conflict...
  • And So Much More...
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