The KISS OF DEATH To Your Financial Success That NO ONE is Talking About...But We Will!
Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, M.S., LCPC and Marriage ROI (™) Expert
Let 2018 be the year that your company doubles it's ROI and it's revenue!
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  •  Business owners struggle to find success without this transformational strategy
  •  Learn how Entrepreneurial success starts at home
  •  5 performance hacks top CEOs rely on
  • 6 Key Productivity and Performance Indicators to Double Your Company...That No One is Talking About
  • Learn How Your Marriage can be the Greatest Asset To Your Financial Success
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What Others are Saying About My Work
We both feel that working with you has helped us beyond our wildest dreams. We feel that the your process and your facilitating our dialogues was conducted with amazing dignity and expertise from your end. The sessions throughout was within a calm and respectful atmosphere which enabled us to feel safe, and vulnerable and thus allowing for healing and understanding to come about naturally and constructively!

Kudos to you for such amazing great work! Your empathy, caring, and passion for what you do along with your knowledge and expertise shown through!

May you continue helping many others who can so benefit from your work, just as we did! -David & Esther, New York
Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin has a very calming presence and a true gift for making couples feel safe and supported, while teaching them tools for how to effectively communicate. I am so grateful to him and I truly believe new life has been breathed into our relationship.  I would highly recommend this retreat! - J & S, Pennsylvania
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