Marriage Retreats are The Best Way to Fix a Marriage So That You Don't Have to WAIT MONTHS to Change Your Situation For the Better.

Start living with the joy of sanctity, safety, and stability in your home!

The best marriage retreats out there include Private Follow-Up Marriage Counseling Sessions with an expert. I created that hybrid retreat model for you to be able to experience a complete, long-lasting, total marriage transformation. After all, who has time to wait to wait for weekly marriage counseling sessions that drag out for months and may or may not work? When you can’t wait MONTHS to start gaining clarity on your situation and you know something has got to change for the better ASAP, a marriage retreat with private followup is your best course of action.
Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, M.S., LCPC, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, Advanced Clinician, Founder of
Our No Blame, No Shame Private 2 Day Marriage Restoration Retreat has a 90% Success Rate in Saving Marriages
That's due to the No Shame, No Blame methodology that we use. When your spouse feels comfortable and trusts that the therapist will not take sides or that you will criticize them, they feel safe enough to attend and connect with you.
Which situation sounds like yours?

Your Spouse refuses to do any marriage counseling work with you so you're on your own
You're both committed to Marriage Restoration and are looking for the best marriage retreat out there
You hope you can convince your spouse to attend a marriage retreat with you
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